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About the company

   The company LTD «APR» - an enterprise specializing in recycling non-ferrous scrap, producing remelted aluminum alloys of different grades.


   Currently LTD “APR”   is an established and dynamically developing company, occupying a sufficient niche in this particular market segment.


   LTD  “APR”   has its own production facilities for secondary metal recycling: production area (2000 square meters), equipped with gas reflecting smelt furnaces, pig strand, electronic weighing and hoisting machinery, express laboratory, hydraulic scrap-bailing machines.  Today the company produces aluminum alloys in grades AB87, AK5M2, AK9M2, AK12M2. In addition the company can produce secondary aluminum alloys with the chemical composition according to customer’s specifications.


   We will give the most careful attention to your offers concerning production and delivery of high quality secondary aluminum alloys.


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