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Scrap Aluminium

Receipt is made according to State Standard GOST 1639-93. Almost all aluminum items are suitable for recycling: worn or faulty parts not for sale. All aluminum scrap is tested on explosive and radioactive safety. It provides reliability in producing secondary alloys. We will purchase aluminum scrap on mutually beneficial terms.


Groups GOST 1639 - 93


Class: А          Group: I       Pure unalloyed .aluminum

Electrotechnical  (EC grade) scrap

Aluminum wire without insulation

Class: А          Group: III, IV   Wrought alloys with the content of


Copper – up to 1,5%

Unsorted scrap (mix, house refuse)

Aluminum pipes, folding beds, roof aluminum, household appliances parts, etc.

Class: А          Group: V, VI, VII   Аluminum wrought castable alloys with high content of  magnesium, silicum, copper,

Motor and castable scrap

Car circular plates, engine accessories, gear-box casing, bucket housings  etc.


Please, pay attention that our factory does not take packet waste from the areas of military actions and conflicts.

To make cooperation with «APR» company the most beneficial and convenient we offer the following:

  • Loading and unloading facilities. We are able to unload aluminum scrap in any quantity following the most urgent terms;
  • Weighing. The product is weighted on electronic scale, thus eliminating underweight!
  • Express test. Defining chemical composition of scrap metal at the place of receipt enables to determine the value of your material most precisely;